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Will Vitalik Buterin start a war with Crypto-Miners

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The block chain network wars are coming

If you don't know the name Vitalik Buterin , you may not be making money in crypto currency . Although crypto currency is still a child approaching the teen years. There are many adults making money off of this adolescent money stream. The teen years for Ethereum may drop the price if war breaks out between the miners of crypto and Buterin

Who is Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is known as a Canadian with a Russian background and a salad eating all day every day founder of the Ethereum block chain. Buterin is a very young 20 something running the Ethereum network like a teenager that wants to isolate kids on the other side of the cafeteria.

Many people have allegedly stated that Buterin and the Ethereum group donít like crypto miners. Although the miners have built the house and fan base that Buterin values, the business plan is changing for Ethereum and, it appears the miners are not a part of it.

How did diplomacy fail.

A short article from thestreet.com explains. background

ďA long anticipated change to the way Ethereum handles transaction fees has been set for July. The measure, known as Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559, or EIP-1559, would take a portion of fees out of circulation permanently, thus reducing the total circulating supply of Ether. The measure was scheduled for inclusion in the upcoming network upgrade, or hard fork, called "London" that will take place in July following an Ethereum developers' call on March 5.Ē

In the article, the street points out that the Miners will not get paid with a fee but from tips from the users.

Is this Revenge of the Jedi on the block chain

Allegedly, some miner that goes by the name Red Panda got drunk one night and started going off on youtube side wides. He allegedly created a plan to show the Candaina veggie that he may be the boss of the Ethereum blockchain but, the Miners are the backbone of the network.

After this video, the other miners started to make sure they agreed with Red Panda but did not want any trouble. For example ,Son of Tech posted this video.

Will another big time miner of the Bit Be Tripping family posted a video. He appears to be speaking for Red Panda and clearing up some of Pandaís statements to keep the ABC teams of the USA or any country off Red Panda.


This practice of the block chain coins making changes is very common. For example, some block chains are set up to only allow a certain type of mining hardware to be used.

As these two entities make plans, the world will watch history. This history will have a direct effect on the community of crypto.