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Reasons that some people may not get a stimulus check although they qualify

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With the COVID-19 outbreak, the Trump Administration along with the US Congress has approved a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package. The bill is designed to provided money to millions of American families. Single persons could receive 1200 while families could receive 2500. Some critics say everyone my be approved for checks but may not get a check. This is according to Counting Pennies LLC.

Here are some reasons that people may not get the stimulus check

#1 Ė†No Bank Account:†The funds will primarily be direct deposited, but more than 10 million adults in the United States donít have bank accounts. And yes, many of these are African Americans!

#2 Ė†Did Not File Taxes:†The amount of funds that a household can receive depends on the amount of money earned in either 2019 or 2018. That amount will be based on the tax return filed for that respective year. Sadly, more than 15 million people did not file taxes in either year. And again, many of these are African Americans.

#3 Ė†Have Recently Moved:†Because millions of people have not filed taxes in the past year or two, itís very possible that their mailing address with the IRS has changed. This means that those that donít have a bank account could receive a check, but it may be delivered to the wrong address.