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Background information about Mary Cosby of #RHOSLC and her mother Rosalind E. Cazares

Mary Cosby is a cast member of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City . This show is a new Bravo franchise. The first season has many cast members with a deep past of problems and drama. For example, Cosby is married to her step grandfather. Cosby's story line is enough to make you go hmmmm. The questions about the marriag

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Is Eczema the reason that a cast member Real Housewives of Salt Lake City complexion changed

For the reality tv watchers, the details of each cast member is very important, many people don't know that Mary Cosby has a rare skin condition that may have caused her skin color pigmentation to change. This skin condition is called Eczema. When did Mary Cosby find out that she had eczema This Mormon tale g

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