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Roland Martins tells Wendy Williams to shut the F up and stick to silly gossip

Wendy Williams made an attempt to express her thoughts on Jesse Williams speech but, she failed. Wendy stated that she would be offended if their was a History White University or National Association of White People. Well, Williams staff needs to get their facts straight before they allow her to open her mouth on various hot topics. Many people may not know that the NAACP was set

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Is Umar Johnson not strong enough to handle an intellectual beef: Roland Martin, Lauren Burke

Well, the best entertainment in the world is other people's drama. For example, if you have not heard, Dr. Umar Johnson was out doing his normal grand standing of information to his choir of folk. This particular time the fire rhetoric started on the world famous Breakfast Club Power 105 which is a New York based syndicated morning show. Johnson is known for his African based schoo

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Will 4 women replace Roland Martin TV One News One Now

If you don't keep up with the changes, you may not have heard that TV One's news show titled News One Now hosted by Roland Martin will be going off the air soon. This cancellation is due to budget cuts at TV One. Insiders are guessing that Martin and the context of the show was going to have too much of an impact for the up coming elections. The advertisers for the network may have

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