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Does the MOCO police department need to train rookie officers on court room rules?#KANESHOW notes

Today, The world famous Kane Show host Peter Diebler fought for his reputation as a man . During this trail , two Montgomery County Police officers testified. One with 8 years of experience and the other with 6 months. The officer with eight years experience was very professional prepared and had demonstrated to have appeared in court many times. The eight-year vet presented his

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Danni Starr returns to D.C. Radio after alleged cheating spouse, bitter divorce, and PSTD

Danni Starr is best known from the TV show "Bridezilla" and other various television programs. Many don't know that Starr is a long time radio host in various markets across the United States. With appearances, in the mid west and until her departure from the syndicated Kane show , she was apart of the Iheart radio family. Starr recently had a full family with young kids and marria

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