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Robyn Dixon Bankruptcy information

Robyn Dixon has been a great woman and lovely mom in her life. She has educated herself and tried to do the best with the gifts from GOD. It is so sad that Dixon had to file for Bankruptcy to realign her lifestyle. There is always one or tow Real Housewives that have to take such action. According to Radar Online

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Did Karen Huger call cast mate a #hoodrat?

The grand ole country girl showed the world today that she too can still play in the farm mud. With all the drama starting on Real Housewives of Potomac and the massive need for kitchen upgrades , Karen Huger threw the first jab at her cast mate Giselle Bryant. Huger allegedly tweeted this statement below.

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Robyn Dixon and Juan home listed on Homepath.com OMG:HUD owns it

If you not been living under a rock, you may have head about the ex NBA players wife, who is named Robun Dixon, being a cast mate of Real Housewives of Potomac. Well, as Gary with Tea may say, please call up the Pray Warriors. Robyn and Juan Dixon have allowed HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) to take their lovely home. This would be a good buy for an

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Is Karen Huger(#RHOP) doing interviews trashing cast mates

If you have not heard, Karen Huger and her husband sold their home. During this long process, the Hugers had to move fast. The fast move did not allow the Hugers time to find a home to purchase, therefore, they had to rent one. Karen is going around the podcast world and trashing cast mates in one interview and talking about her wig or hairline in another. Anit it funny

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Thirty girl accuses #RHOP cast member of sex in public

Kyndall Douglas Real Housewives of Potomac season 3 has been very entertaining. The cast has traveled to far away places, exposed various problems in each others life and shown a plot to bring headaches to one of the cast mates for revenge. Kyndall "triple crown winner " Douglas aka horse face did an

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Did Bravo block Ashley Darby of #RHOP attempt to jump star her singing career?

ashley darby real housewives potomac Ashley Darby has many talents. Do you think she can sing ? Bravo has removed her attempt to display a video due to copyright laws. Darby should have known better. Some people say Darby sounds like cats singing in the wild and others say auto-tunes did a good job. Peop

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