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Exclusive: House pictures of #RHOP cast member Karen Huger and Raymond

Well, let the games begin; Real Houswives of the Potomac has not even aired on tv yet and , the media is digging into their backgrounds and business. It is being reported by sources that the Huger's are selling their home. This home was a foreclosure purchase sometime ago and the listing price is 1.7 million. If you cannot wait to view the life styles of the rich and a

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Local Paps catch up with Karen Huger and husband Raymond after party

Everyone wants to be famous. They want the fame, fans, lifestyle and power. Many don't want the other stuff. The other stuff is the paparazzi, the news stories and the lies sexy and video tapes. Karen Huger and husband appear to be taking this new fame in stride and no attitude. The video below demonstrates this.

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Is Karen Huger(#RHOP) doing interviews trashing cast mates

If you have not heard, Karen Huger and her husband sold their home. During this long process, the Hugers had to move fast. The fast move did not allow the Hugers time to find a home to purchase, therefore, they had to rent one. Karen is going around the podcast world and trashing cast mates in one interview and talking about her wig or hairline in another. Anit it funny

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Black Bill Gates is broke #RHOP over 5 million in back taxes

Well, Karen Huger the alleged Queen of Potomac is broke. According to the Washington Post, Raymond Huger and his company owes the IRS and other government agencies alot of money. The estimated amount is over 5 million. At this point in time, the Huger dynasty stated it is a person matter. The Washington Post reported "Her husband, software exec Ray Huger, whom she has called

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Was Karen Huger of #RHOP robbed by opiod's addicts at Tyson Corner

Karen Huger is a real housewife on the reality tv show "Real Housewives of Potomac". Huger has been a member of the show for at least 3 years. Huger is married to Raymon "Ray" Huger. Ray Huger is a self-made tech millionaire with some tax problems. During season 3, people have pointed out that Karen has not worn her wedding ring during taping of the show. This has lead many to goss

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