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Frank Ski speaks out about the record industry V103 atlanta

Frank Ski a long time radio host and radio industry insider talks about the record industry , the and life. Frank Ski talks about how the radio industry collects their ends. For example, many artist gets caught up on the expense account. When the bill comes due for all the meals, drinks, shoes and groupies, the record industry takes the money back before any royalties are paid. One major po

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Is Frank Ski getting to much money and was he let go

Frank Ski is a long time Atlanta radio personality and with over 20 years radio . With all the years under Frank Ski's belt, it appears the economy has caught up with him or was it the Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson drama that got Frank Ski fired. At this point in time, the full details of Frank Ski departure from CBS radio Atlanta are unknown..

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Did Frank Ski not have Ryan Seacrest success cause Frank is black?

Frank Ski is an industry dude in the radio and entertainment industry. He has built a career off radio and has taken part in successful morning shows in different cities for over 15 years. Recently, Ski left his morning show gigi in Atlanta at V-103. Although many people thought Ski was done, he talks about his plan. In recently interview, Ski talks about why he left and the statu

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Frank Ski broke and back child support

The legendary radio talent Frank Ski , music creator and community activist may have fallen on hard times. Frank Ski files for bankruptcy and faces back his child support. Ski speaks on bad investment and not following the legal system to avoid his current problem sou

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