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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian caught out

Kim Kardashian and friends caught out by paps

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Kanye West's rappers response to Professor Griff , Confederate flag and conspiracy theroist

If you recall Kanye West took a picture of himself wearing a jacket that had a confederate patch on the jacket's sleeve. This caused some talk and questions in the world community. Everyone from Professor Griff to online bloggers spoke about the promotion picture. Well, West answer these questions in this interview

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Did Kanye West get bodied by Ex Girlfriend on Poem?

If you have not heard, a poet named Jasmine Mans wrote a poem about Kanye West. Although the internet is saying this is West's ex girlfriend before the fame and money , others are saying she is not. Mans is best known as a feature poet. Mans' video poem appears to have dissed West and his wife Kim Kardashain . In other words, she bodied him .

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Celebrities talk about Kanye West mental state

Does Kanye West use his mental state to sell his albums these days? It is not a coincidence that West did a political pep rally, twitter rants about his wife Kim Kardashian and his mother in law putting him a sunken place and saying outlandish things about Harriet Tubman. With all this drama, West stagey must have worked because celebrities have started to use their social media to talk abou

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Is Kim Kardashian trying to take all of Kanye money by having him committed to hospital

With all this drama in the world, people want to know if the Kardashians are trying to take Kanye West's billion dollar empire. The internet is a buz with various things about the West and Kardashian family drama. Dave Chappelle allegedly flew out to Wyoming to visit Kanye West to fight of the allegedly plan attack by the Kandashians to commit West to the mental institution. Many

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