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kandi asked NENE about dildos but reminded Nene that she used to strip #rhoa

If you want to know , the deal with real housewives of Atlanta reunion show, you need to get on the Internet. The clips are leaking out.

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Real Housewives cast member has to sell home for 1 million pictures

Well, If you are a Real Housewives' fan of any city, one has to remember Real Housewives of DC. Real Housewives of DC cast did not have many shouting matches, name calling and other drama. Real Housewives DC had international news with the crashing of the White House States Dinner. Although the show only had one season, the cast members are still household names. Only one cast m

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What is Walter Jackson aka snitch mad about ?

Walter Jackson is going around saying Kenya Moore paid him. WTF, What is that song by that crazy chi town teenager "I don't like"? People are starting to that think Jackson is mad about something. Oh, Oh , he did not get paid if you know what I mean. Is this dude broke or something. He claims to have his own business but no one knows the financial standing of his current business

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Kenya Moore gets heart broke again

Either women are beautiful or they are crazy . When they are beautiful and crazy women can be hard to manage? This might be the case with Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Walter Jackson. Walter who? you may ask. Yes, Walter Jackson is a no name that got a name from the reality tv. Walter made reckless statements about being a kept man by Kenya Moore while ap

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Information about Walter Jackson Towing business

Walter Jackson has been talking about new woman or women. He has not talked about the success of his towing business that much on the show. Although Jackson has been in the auto industry for long time, every business in this recession has seen major problems with their cash flow. The pictures below show information about Walter Jackson's towing business which is called "South Dekalb Towing an

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Exclusive: House pictures of #RHOP cast member Karen Huger and Raymond

Well, let the games begin; Real Houswives of the Potomac has not even aired on tv yet and , the media is digging into their backgrounds and business. It is being reported by sources that the Huger's are selling their home. This home was a foreclosure purchase sometime ago and the listing price is 1.7 million. If you cannot wait to view the life styles of the rich and a

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Did Karen Huger call cast mate a #hoodrat?

The grand ole country girl showed the world today that she too can still play in the farm mud. With all the drama starting on Real Housewives of Potomac and the massive need for kitchen upgrades , Karen Huger threw the first jab at her cast mate Giselle Bryant. Huger allegedly tweeted this statement below.

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Does Katie Rost have a nappy dugout:pictres #RHOP

Katie Rost describes herself as a person that practices the Jewish faith of Judaism while expressing herself on Real Housewives of Potomac. There are many person of African American descent that practice Judaism and, outside of the United States , the original Jews or person that practice the Judaism or Hebrews still exist today. Rost may fall into the European Jews that came about through c

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Real Housewives of Atlanta(#RHOA)explains alleged R Keylly like lyrics

The newest cast members of Real Housewives of Atlanta 2018-2019 are Ronnie

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