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2009 Yard Fest Howard University

Howard University Yard Fest is an annual event that brings past alumni together with current students. The event would be consider a big college family reunion in a relaxed setting. Howard University gives its students and those who visit the campus a free event every year. The name of the event is called Yard Fest. Yard Fest allows local artist to show case their talents with national arti

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Did Camille McDonald get a knocker job?

You all remember Camille McDonald from America's Next Top Model. It was a few years back therefore, you should remember. The Howard University Graduate was recently captured on photo by Streetroachpics.com. McDonald portrays herself as goddess based on her BIO on her website. Although McDonald success is still strong, people are asking one question based of the photo. Did she get her breas

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Tank and Melissa Ford flirt fest

While Tank the humble guy was at Howard University Home Coming for 2007, he fail for the big butt and smile. Tank is the type of guy most women would take home to mom or the family reunion cook out. Well, it was not a cook out but, it was a flirt fest. Melissa Ford the video urban super model was at Howard Home coming too and , she was a judge along with Tank. The two could not keep their eyes

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Chaka Khan brings life to parade

Chaka Khan the will known performer was a celebrity judge for Howard University's home coming parade. Doing this event, Khan brought life and joy to the viewers of the parade and the people VIP booth. Chaka gave comments and praises to many of the marching bands and the participates in the parade. If you look at the video below. One can hear Chaka's voice and see her style bring life to the par

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Hundreds of Howard University Students homeless after car attack to dorm

Howard University is a historical higher educational institution located in Washington, DC. Well, while most students were in their dorm rooms preparing for the next day, a car drove into the lobby. This action cause a chain reaction. The dorm was evacuated and the students were forced to stand out in the cold with no place to go. At this point in time, the campus po

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