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Was there a sex scandal at WTOP radio?

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Was there a sex scandal at WTOP radio?

Who slept with who

According to various unnamed sources, WTOP radio had some type of sex scandal with a long-term management member and an employee. She was quietly shown the door after 25 years and, he remains in control. The door for her may been a detail to Baltimore. Why is it always the woman who has to go? Not like she was the only one who was married. The problem with the scandal was allegedly all the woman's friends were let go too or transferred.

History of booty hunting at WTOP

Although WTOP has a history of sex scandals, this can happen in any work place environment. The history of love in the office is documented in this article from the Washington City Paper link .

History of the manager booty hunter

People are saying the manager would get mad at other hunters in the office if the poor innocent new doe was caught by another hunter. This manager would later seek revenge on winning hunter. As time passes with this scandal, the names and players will be released soon.