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Will a Washington RB be able to focus after mom placed under investigation in Baltimore

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Who is Jaret Patterson

If you have not heard the name Jaret Patterson, you have not attended a Pallotti High school football game or a Buffalo University football game. If this name is new to your ears, you have to factor in his past as an underdog talent out of high school. While in college Patterson had proven himself although his physical size was in question. With the help of a great offensive line, he was able to showcase the ability to overcome problems on the football field to obtain outstanding stats.

Who has celebrated Patterson signing to the NFL Washington Football team

The first people to celebrate Pattersonís new level of play was his family and friends as he posted on his twitter page. You may notice one national name in the photo. The person is Chase Young. According to nbcsports.com, Patterson stated that Young assisted with him being recruited to the Washington football team.

During all this celebration, Barry Sanders congratulated Patterson over twitter.

The drama for his mamma

According to the WBLA TV 11 in Baltimore , MD, Janine Patterson was released from her duties as principal of Reginald F. Lewis High School. The articles point out that Ms. Patterson has been accused of the following. letter

. Insubordination

. Willful neglect of duty and misconduct

. Financial impropriety