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Did Teddy Riley take a cocoon bath during a Blackplanet.com interview

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Is Teddy Riley afraid of 5g

Well, during an interview panel of Teddy Riley and Morris Day that was hosted through the Blackplanet.com which is a brand of “IOne Digital”, Rae Holliday asked the two men various question and allowed them to tell their stories as it related to some future Uncensored show that will appear on TV One in the near future.

It was discovered that Riley has a fear of 5G and relates it to radiation. 5G is the cell phone signal that is used by many cell phones companies today. Riley , explained that he uses a method called “cocoon oxygen therapy” to help fight 5g and keep himself in good health. This is some type of oxygen water and a cocoon bath. He was not too clear about the details. This was brought to light at point 27:21 in the interview video.

Morris Day gave thoughts about the real him

Day, talked about the real him on the panel. He explains that a lot of people like to see him in character all the time but, that is not the real him. Day let the world know that one of Teddy Riley’s kids was going to be in his video and that she will appear with him on a major tonight show coming up soon.