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The lies in Real Housewives of Salt Lake city Story line

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If you watch reality tv, you know that each cast member has a story line. Well, a first season cast has it easy to survive till season two starts in most cases. Survival is easy because people are just getting to know the cast and their story line in season 1. After season 2 , you have to make an impact or the reality star career could come to an end.

Videos documentation of Mary Cosby first Husband

In the case of Mary Martha Cosby, the internet is starting to find fake news in her story line. The three videos go into details.

Video 1 talks about Mary and her first husband . Where is he

Video talks about Mary first husband and alleged mindset of Mary Start the video at 16:27

Video that goes into details about Mary , lawsuit and some other stuff. Start the video at 7:34