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Is Eczema the reason that a cast member Real Housewives of Salt Lake City complexion changed

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For the reality tv watchers, the details of each cast member is very important, many people don't know that Mary Cosby has a rare skin condition that may have caused her skin color pigmentation to change. This skin condition is called Eczema.

When did Mary Cosby find out that she had eczema

This Mormon tale goes like this. While Mary was at cheerleader practice at age 3,Rosalind Cazares, who is Mary's mother by birth, noticed some skin discoloration on her daughters face. Cazares later took Mary to the doctor. The doctor determined that little Mary had eczema.

Having Eczema requires lots of treatment and, many childhood neck names are associated with the skin condition. Some of the names may have been flack face, scratchy girl and rash face. These childhood names may have taking a toll on Mary but, the evidence of these childhood scars have not surfaced yet on the show.

The internet has collected various pictures of Mary over the years and have noticed the change in her pigmentation and have associated with Eczema and skin treatments.

Another Cast member on the show owns a skin and cosmetic center. This cast member name is Heather Gay. Gay owns Beauty Lab + Laser. If you call Beauty Lab + Laser, they say that they do handle people with eczema problems. Mary may need to get over there to zap those flacks.