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Background information about Mary Cosby of #RHOSLC and her mother Rosalind E. Cazares

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Mary Cosby is a cast member of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City . This show is a new Bravo franchise. The first season has many cast members with a deep past of problems and drama. For example, Cosby is married to her step grandfather. Cosby's story line is enough to make you go hmmmm. The questions about the marriage are when and how.

Who is Mary Cosby mother and why did Mary marry her step grandfather.

If we dig into the past of Mary Cosby, the name Rosalind E. Cazares will come forward. If you follow this christian lineage, the name Dr. Rosemary (Mama) Redmon Cosby will be whispered from the heavens.

According to some Dr. Rosemary (Mama) Redmon Cosby was a Black pioneer in the land of the Mormons. The story of how "Mama" arrived in Salt City is one of many tales but, the short version will be presented today.

"Mama" and her family and one non family member walked along the great American highway with very little money and ended up in Salt Lake City,UT. This family could have died but, according to Cazares, God told her mother aka "Mama" to walk along the highway and to make home in Salt Lake City , UT. This story of Cazares has the sound of many biblical tales similar to Noah Ark and many others Christian followers that have followed Christian Gods commands when others thought they were crazy.

Cazares did an interview. Carazres is apart of national known choir . This was the reason that she has been well documented through out her life. In this interview,she gives details about the trip to Salt Lake City,UT. The story starts at 07:06

What led to Mary alleged oral sex drama

Sources are saying after the death of Dr. Rosemary (Mama) Redmon Cosby that her husband , who is 15 years younger than her, tired to run off with the bank. "Mama" had built up an wealthy empire for herself , the community and her family. Robert C. Cosby was in the hot seat.

Allegedly, one day in church. This unnamed source made the following statement.

Bishop would be preaching and telling all the women in the church that they better leave him alone and not try getting with him. That God already sent Mary Martha to comfort him in his time of mourning. Mary Martha was spending so much time at his house right after that rumors started spreading quick.He would be preaching this from the pulpit, telling the church to quit gossiping and that she was "strictly comforting him." He would go on and say, "Her husband doesn't mind! Why do any of you?". He then shortly thereafter called Dana out in front of the entire church telling the congregation that he was allowing Mary Martha to divorce Dana cause Dana was forcing Mary Martha to perform unclean sex acts on him.(AKA oral sex.) Then he immediately kicked Dana out of the church. Shortly thereafter the Bishop called a family meeting with all of Mamas children including Mary Martha's mom Rozzie Cazares. He told all of the family that he needed them to pray on something that God was telling him and he wanted them all to pray to God and ask him for an answer Yes or No, without telling them what it was. Of course they all said, Yes, Bishop, God said yes. All of them except for Mary Martha's mom Rozzie. She said no.

Are there any court records about Robert Cosby

This is one court record that pops up source

Other Media outlets are reporting this about the story line

Media statement from Mary Cosby family member