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Was Jaguar Wright trying to turn Talib Kweli at a young age

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Talib Kweli gives his response to Jaguar Wright testimony from God. Kweli points out the tradition things which was to blame it all on Jaguar Wright.

Top 5 things that Talib Kweli pointed out about his experience with Jaguar Wright

1. Jaguar Wright approached him for sex while on the tour. He said he was young and wrong for taking part. He was upset that she wanted sex all the time and was too aggressive for him.

If one reflects back to Wright's God testimony, she stated while a female is on tour that she may have to date one of the men on the tour to keep the other men at bay .

2. Jaguar Wright was drunk all the time. Wright did admit she drunk and took drugs in the past and on tour. Her drinking and drugs may have altered her mind. Once her mind was altered, she may have engaged in sex acts that she regretted later but, if you have a man on tour, you are limited to acts with him.

3. He stated that he and others have done much for the community and Jaguar Wright has not done anything.

4. Pointed out that Jaguar Wright yelled at her son on many of her live broadcast.

5. Talib Kweli points out that he never took part in any rape of any women or men.