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Wendy Osefo of RHOP sends Dina White with a Cease and Desist Letter to Bugnews

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.bugnews.bloggieblog.com .

This article levied many false accusations surrounding Dr. Osefo and her Nigerian heritage. A quick google search would have provided facts instead of false information. Below, please find facts:

1. Dr. Osefo is not of the Osu bloodline. Osu people reside in Imo state. Wendy’s mom is from Anambra State.

2. Further, Wendy’s father is not Osu.

3. A Background search (which is customary in Igbo tradition) was done before Wendy’s older sister got married to a man from Umuahia Ibeku. This customary background check was done by Kingsmen to rule out if the intended bride or groom is Osu, has mental illness, etc. This customary background search has to be completed before a dowry is paid. The search found NO linkage to Osu blood line. Let it also be noted that Wendy’s sister is married to a notable Nigerian Igbo family. If there were any negative findings by Igbo tradition this marriage would not have proceeded. Please note this customary background search was done on BOTH the paternal and maternal side.

4. Finally, Eddie's sister's Nauramy Aboro and Oby Osefo are extremely angry and vindictive people who have made it their mission to spread lies and false claims about Wendy and her family's heritage since Wendy married Eddie in 2011.

Based on these verifiable FACTS we are demanding that you 1) immediately retract your article, 2) issue a written apology on the same medium that the original story was published, and 3) delete ALL social media posts and retweets promoting the original article.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Please find cease and desist letter attached for your reference and signature.


Dina White