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Is Kim Kardashian trying to take all of Kanye money by having him committed to hospital

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With all this drama in the world, people want to know if the Kardashians are trying to take Kanye West's billion dollar empire. The internet is a buz with various things about the West and Kardashian family drama.

Dave Chappelle allegedly flew out to Wyoming to visit Kanye West to fight of the allegedly plan attack by the Kandashians to commit West to the mental institution. Many people don't know that West is worth billions due to his shoe company.

If you recall when Chappelle quit his job that would have paid him 50 million some years ago, people thought Chappelle was crazy too. He later said sometimes when strange things happen ,you have to know both sides of the story.

Well, this video blogger goes into details about the West and Kardashian family matters.