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Celebrities talk about Kanye West mental state

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Does Kanye West use his mental state to sell his albums these days? It is not a coincidence that West did a political pep rally, twitter rants about his wife Kim Kardashian and his mother in law putting him a sunken place and saying outlandish things about Harriet Tubman. With all this drama, West stagey must have worked because celebrities have started to use their social media to talk about him.

Dr Imani Walker is using her new found fame to take part in a podcast about mental health. This came out during her rant about West's mental heath and relating it to the stigma. The website to Dr Imani Walkers podcast is https://imanistateofmind.com/podcast/

Tray Chaney has found stardom once more in Saints and Sinners. He too twitted about West marketing stagey.