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A new study points to data that says Black-On-Black Crime is No Different From White-on-White Crime

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Conservatives along with other groups sometimes claim that Blacks kill Blacks. A new study points out underlying truths. The study debunks the notion that being Black means more violent occurrences, and confirms that crime happens regardless of race.

A study from the Vera Institute of Justice entitled An Unjust Burden: The Disparate Treatment of Black Americans in the Criminal Justice System concludes that crime is the same despite race and Black-on-Black crime is actually no different than white-on-white crime.

According to the evidence brief, A report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that most violence occurs between victims and offenders of the same race, regardless of race. The rate of both Black-on-Black and white-on-white nonfatal violence declined 79 percent between 1993 and 2015. The number of homicides involving both a Black victim and Black perpetrator fell from 7,361 in 1991 to 2,570 in 2016.