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Ammunition Sales show buyers have been people of color

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Ammo.com Reports A Recent Spike in Ammunition Sales. The report linked the major group of people buying the ammo have been persons of African descent.

Ammo.com is an online buiness that sell gun ammunition. Ammo.com saw the following increases

Revenue: 425% increase.

Transactions: 350%

Conversion Rate: 104%

The most popular calibers purchased were:

9mm ammo - 37% of all sales.

223 ammo - 27%.

40 Cal (S&W) ammo - 14%.

5.56x45 ammo - 6%.

45 ACP ammo - 4%.

Horsman ,who represents Ammo.com ,stated, "Our recent sales spike to NAAGA members reflects the larger trend of minorities getting their concealed carry permits which has continued to accelerate since 2007. We're proud to serve NAAGA members and to support the NAAGA Scholarship Fund in the process, which goes solely to exceptional African American students coming from single-family households."