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Ex NFL player writes book about poverty

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Damon Dunn grew up from humble beginnings. Although Dunn was a child of a single teenage mom and biological father killed at early age, Dunn still was able to make great strides in this crazy world. Dunn grew up in a trailer park with his grand parents and was able to maintain good grades. During Dunn's journey through life God gave Dunn gifts of athleticism and through his God's gifts , Dunn was able obtain an athletic scholarship to Standford University. After graduating Dunn was able to play football in the NFL for six years.

What has Dunn done lately

Dunn has published a new book about titled "Punting Poverty". Although many may classify the book as social propaganda about people living on welfare but allowing larger corporate entities to receive corporate welfare, Dunn present a new stagey.

Instead of creating another expensive government welfare program, Dunn proposes what he calls "skills-based economics" helping every student to achieve at least an Associate's Degree or a good vocational education geared toward meeting the demands of the workforce to put all Americans on the path toward getting a good job or starting their own business, moving up the economic ladder, and acquiring wealth.

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