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Ex Married to Medicine star on the front line oF COVID-19 and protest

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If you have been keeping up with Married to Medicine over the years, the name Lisa Nicole Cloud & Dr. Darren Naugles may ring a bell. The couple have been on Married to Medicine of Atlanta. Some thought they were off the radar of pop culture but, they just moved in a different direction.

What are Lisa Nicole Cloud & Dr. Darren Naugles doing these days

The couple had a problem with their property manager or home owner association. As you know, Naugles is a doctor and with the Rona running in the streets, he has to give care to patients of all types. Well, the family found that Naugle had come into contact with a patient and ,they wanted their home cleaned a little. Well, the video explains it all.

After this problem, the couple must have putting their fighting geer and took up get tested for the Rona flag. The two did an interview that asked people to get tested for the COVID-19