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Is Tanya Sam of Real Housewives of Atlanta an ex side chic

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If you watch reality crack tv, you have heard the name Tanya Sam. Tanya Sam has a long term engagement to Paul Judge. Although Sam is considered a ďhangers on ď aka a friend to cast members on the RHOA, she has made many appearances and gained fame.

Down Samís memory lane

A flashback to the cookie lady. The cookie lady is some random chic that ran her mouth about a bar encounter with Paul Judge. In the history of RHOA , this was a classic scene. Kenya brought the topic up in front of Sam and presented the cookie lady. The way the cookie lady was presented sent the crack head tv community into a frenzy. The crack head tv community felt sorry for Sam and look at Kenya Moore as petty betty.

How Samís past side chic started

Well, during the reunion of season 12 , one dialogue between Sam and Moore was edited out. It was recently released on the internet. The video in this post gives details.