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Will Gilbert Arenas catch up on his child support with Laura Govan after lotto winnings

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If you are looking for Gilbert Arenas, you can find him on some low budget podcast. The title of the podcast is No Chill podcast. Arenas maybe trying to build up his sports announcer portfolio. Becoming a TV sports announcer may not happened for Arenas, he has too much baby mama drama, a gun past and some minor arrest but, other than that, agent zeroís luck is still good.

How is Gilbert Arenas luck good

Arenas won over 300K recently on a scratch off ticket. This is good luck. He hit the lottery by becoming an NBA player for long period time, he is able to reproduce kids and he appears to be able to gamble and win. With this new fast money, Arenas may still owe money to at least one of his baby mothers Laura Govan for 4 kids.

Past with Laura Govan

Govan , who is a former Basketball Wives of Los Angeles, has express concerns over her relationship with Arenas in the past. Although Arenas likes the ladies and spends money on the ladies , Govan has expressed concern with him paying his child support and his commitment to his children.