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Did a flying saucer(UTFO) land in Real Housewives of Potomac living room

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If you keep up with Reality TV or crack tv, you will watch an interview from time to time. In this case, Real Housewives of Potomac cast member Gizelle Bryant was on Watch What Happens Live. During the interview, she got her bus and ran over Karen Huger and Monique “Snatch B Weave” Samules.

When did the UTFO land.

Well, during all of Bryant’s grandstanding, the camera person widen the shot and, there it was. A flying object in the background of the interview near the ceiling. This is not a good look for the one with the pretty eyes and chubby face. She just got work done on the Bethesda home and, holes appear to be in the ceiling to allow a mall UTFO hang around in the background.