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Were Winston Chaney and Denise Hill released from radio jobs due to COVID-19 outbreak

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Urban One the parent company of Praise 104 and WYCB Spirit 1350 has been facing tough times since the outbreak of the “Rona” aka Coronavirus. The economic downturn has slowed down the revenue stream brought to the radio stations. In other words, businesses are not placing ads to be broadcast through the stations. With profits drying up, Urban One has been forced to furlough and layout staff in every department.

What happened to Winston Chaney and Denise Hill

Winston Chaney a 36 year radio vet hosts the morning show at WYCB Spirit. Chaney has been hosting the morning show for years. Chaney’s name and picture appear to be removed from the WYCB website. Chaney aka Mr White hat is no where to be found. If you check his twitter , you will see a post dated April 16,2020 with the WYCB logo.

There is one contradiction to this twitter post. DCRTV.com is reporting that Chaney was let go due to cut-backs.

In the case of Denise Hill, Hill’s face has been removed from the Praise 104 Washington, DC website. Hill is a radio vet in many ways but has been credited with having a proven track record to grow radio stations listeners and manage a radio station. DCRTV.com is also reporting that Hill was let go too.

What did Urban One have to say

Urban One released a memo about these cut-backs.

“Today is an extremely difficult day for all of us at Radio One and Reach.

“As you are aware, we are faced with a time of uncertainty and it is not business as usual. Our businesses have been dramatically affected by the effect of the coronavirus on our advertisers. We have experienced significant cancellations for second quarter and new business is coming in at a trickling rate. The decline in revenues forces us to react soundly and appropriately to ensure that we are able to operate our businesses going forward.

“Unfortunately, this meant having to make very difficult decisions to furlough or layoff many employees, across all divisions of the company today. While we hope to bring many of them back, unfortunately at this time we do not know when this crisis will end.”