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Was Kane of the Kane show arrested like the Tiger King?

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If you have not heard, Kane the brand of the Kane show is no longer going to air with the morning show. Kane, whose government name is Peter Deibler , is missing from social media with no comments. Various news agency such as Dcist.com and wjla.com are reporting that Deibler has left the syndicated morning show but, there are no reports about his syndicated weekend mix show titled Club Kane.

Past drama with Kane

Every public personality has a little drama with them but, for Kane , the drama level was about seven. If you recall , Kane allegedly is known to have had problems with various co host. Many believed that this is the reason that Sammy and Sarah left the show. Unknown sources blame the changes to Kane on the boost in money from taking part in the morning show. As Biggie Smalls has said,” more money more problems”. With a Morning show , the pressure is massive and add syndication in the mix and , you are on 10 all the time for ratings, fame and lifestyle.

Transitioning to Danni Starr aka little cray cray in some peoples minds. Danni Starr was a super radio talent . Starr has a new book out and made various comments about Kane. Paraphrase:

“he reported her for sending a penis pic her best friend had sent her (as a joke). She was mad because he encouraged her to send it, then used it as ammo when he wanted her fired. “

“He was allowed to say anything he wanted on the air and I had to be quiet because, "you're the mother and breadwinner of your family if I were you I wouldn't jeopardize that."

If you are wondering if Starr is still in the radio game, internet street gossip is saying that she is a school teacher.

Please do not forget “Door Jam Gate”. Many people thought that Kane’s wife allegedly had a drug problem and ,this played into a lot of their marriage problems. If you want to remember, Kane was in court defending himself against a domestic assault. He was cleared of all chargers.

Status of Kane currently

Well, the internet streets be talking. The tea is that Kane was allegedly arrested. Many people are thinking if Kane was arrested were the charges related to domestic abuse if not worse. With the COV19 outbreak, the court systems are moving slow and, the receipts on Kane’s drama will have to wait.