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Bandits jumping into Zoom chats Zoom bombing

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With the spread of the Corinavirus , individuals have taken the opportunity to exploit Zoom chats. These exploits mostly have been effecting the education community such as elementary, middle school and high school. People for the most part have been using the Zoom chats as a working space. For example, the trolls have entered some Zoom chat rooms and shown porn pictures.

What can you do to protect yourself while using Zoom chats

The list of things to do to help have a better Zoom Chat experience is as follows.

1. Protect your Zoom meeting ID. Safe guard the person or person the Zoom meeting ID is shared. Avoid sharing it in public social media sites. Zoom allows people to generate a random ID and , the id has to be changed often if possible. Try not to list you meeting in the public Zoom list.

2. Have a password to access the Zoom chat

3. Enable Waiting room option . The controller of the room can admit people one by one.

4. Restrict Screen sharing

5. You can Lock the meeting