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Send Greeting Cards in Mail without Leaving the House

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With the pandemic spreading around the world, technology is allow people to do things from a social distance. One example of this technology is sending a greeting card from your computer by way of traditional mail. The company that provides this service is called Culture Greetings.

How can you send greeting cards in the mail with out leaving your home

Culture Greetings mostly focus on African American content with greetings cards but has greeting cards for everyone. The  platform that lets users choose a greeting card, write a personal note using handwriting fonts that mirror real penmanship and click “send,” which cues the state-of-the-art printing press. The company then prints and mails the card directly to the recipient the following business, saving customers a trip to the store.

The platform allows person to send gift cards too. The gift cards range from Amazon, Home Depot, Itunes and serval other places that can be included in the mailing.