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April Watts firing from Baltimore radio is a sign to all Radio personalities across the country?

Staff Writer

2020-01-05 .

You may not know the name April Watts or even care about this once golden child of Urban One Radio. In fact , if you asks the second largest demographics in the United States about the radio station they listen too, you may get the following answer. I don't listen to radio. You then may asked how do you get new music and , your news. The answer will follow with social media . The millennial generation will determine the revenue of the entertainment industry.

Hmmm , lets connect the Dots. April Watts has been in radio for a long time. She some way some how ended up in Baltimore, MD at 95.9. Watts did the mid days on 95.9 and up to now has done a good job but, money in radio is not the same and , the game is always changing. Watts appears to have adjusted to the radio business and the new stagey in front of all persons that consider themselves radio personalities.

Watts build up her internet presence. She started to filled up clubs. Not only did she she fill up clubs, She filled up new clubs that no one heard off. Remember no on gets alot of their news, information and other from the Radio or TV anymore. They get it from internet Influencer.

Internet Influencer is a person that has a large loyal following. Based on this definition. Influencers are Instagram users who have an established credibility and audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity. Your brand's influencers are users that employ your brand hashtag who have the largest number of followers.

In a recent article at Urban Radio Nation, April Watts was featured source . The article pointed out her success on the internet and #boocakenation . Keep in mind Watts' celebrity interviews are not posted on youtube , or Urban One radio sites, therefore, #boocakenation rising could have been seen as a threat. Alot of the radio personality may get the interviews, the interview is posted on the flagship sites and , this helps the radio personality grow. You know like a 360.

For those that heard that Watts would not be returning to Urban One radio station 95.9 , it was shocking . Many thought Watts was on Urban One's radio personality will always have a job for life list.

Watts has expressed she has no affiliation with Urban One. This leads people to two conclusion about her dismissal. She either asked for more money based on her success on the radio and the internet or, #bookcakenation was making too much money and, the radio industry is starting to form 360 deals for radio personalities. A 360 is a deal where the person that owns your contract gets a percent of all profits.

Watts was not available for comment at the time of this article.


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