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Dose John Hopkins University want to bring apartheid back to Baltimore City? 5 things you need to know JHU police force

Staff Writer

2019-03-18 .

If you have been watching the news and social media, you may have noticed that some of the citizens of Baltimore City are upset with the various politicians for considering a John Hopkins police force. There a some Baltimore City residents that welcome a new police force . If John Hopkins University is allowed a police force, the police power exist where ever John Hopkins University property is located.

1. The internet underground is saying the creation of the JHU police force is a way for the city to get around the Consent Decree placed on the Baltimore City Police department.

2. Many fear that "Street Sweeps" will return like they existed in the late 80s and through the 90s. A "Street Sweep" in the past has worked similar to this.

Say if grandma sends me down to the store. This store has people loitering in front of it all times and some other activities occur too. I go around the loiters and into the store to purchase an item. When I exit the store, I notice the police have arrived and, the loiters are now against the wall. Guess, who the Police ask to get against the wall next. "Me", the person that has never been loitering . "Me" was asked due to an ethnic profile.

3. The police would provide some additional safety for Hopkins student that are near JHU buildings.

4. Will a box strategy develop near Hopkins various campus clusters. If you want to experience a box strategy, you have to visit a University in any city.

5. Only the future knows the truth with an implementation of a John Hopkins' Police force.


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