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Barry Farms redevelopment project #DMV

Staff Writer

2019-03-10 .

Barry Farm is a neighborhood in Southeast Washington, D.C., located east of the Anacostia River and is bounded by the Southeast Freeway to the northwest, Suitland Parkway to the northeast and east, and St. Elizabeths Hospital to the south. The neighborhood was renowned as a significant post-Civil-War settlement of free Blacks and freed slaves established by the Freedmen's Bureau.

With the statement above, there is something that was lost overtime with this part of Washington, DC. As the city of Washington, DC has redeveloped in various areas, Barry Farms was exempt from the change.

Here is some feed back about the Barry Farms redevelopment project.

Everyone is gone already. I think some people were given vouchers, but I'm sure a lot of people were just evicted.

It the current residents in the community can't afford the rent on their current salary then HELL NO!!!!! I will sleep on the sidewalk of your new development before I get pushed out if my neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While residents will be temporarily relocated during the redevelopment, the primary goal is to return ALL eligible residents to the site as quickly as possible. The redevelopment will preserve public housing and add more affordable rental units. Additionally, the redevelopment will offer affordable homeownership opportunities for eligible residents. For more information, please visit the Barry Farm website: and the FAQ’s:

Key word being "eligible." All it should take to make them eligible is the fact that it was their home before. As a lifelong DC resident who knows better, I'll believe it when I see it.

Eligibility means that you have to be in compliance and meet the needs of the program. I would imagine that one would have to make an effort to maintain a job, stay enrolled in school and not commit criminal acts. The Farm has a history of violence and drugs crimes with abuse, distribution and addiction that has stifled the growth in that community and the surrounding neighborhoods for decades. It's time that it gets cleaned up and the people who desire to live there take pride in their community, and not allow it to go down that slippery slope once again. Invest in the community and the people because this is a beautiful city that can ascend to prosperity and not be marked with the label of oppression and poverty. It's time to take advantage of this opportunity, and grow as a people and community. I applaud the city for extended this new opportunity to the citizens of the District of Columbia; it's long overdue!!!


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