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Keith Williams youth AAU trainer better know as the diamond maker

Staff Writer

2019-03-10 .

Keight Williams at one point in his life was just a little chubby kid from a middle class neighborhood in Prince Georges County, MD called Pepper Mill Village with a dream to be the best basketball player that he could be and a lover for the game of basketball. Williams has always had a very competitive spirit and, his desire to win has been transfer to those that he has trained or developed to play basketball. Williams one day woke up to a basketball hoop in his backyard and, this was the beginning to his legacy.

William's father , who was a great basketball player too, walked his son down the path of the game of hoops. During this path, Williams learned to practice everyday and to play the best talent around his neighborhood. Williams was often networking with other basketball players. Some of the network of players at times were much older than Williams but, the older players advanced his game and knowledge.

Williams at times may have stated that he wanted to attend Dematha, Gonzaga or some other top high school at the time in the DMV area. Williams at times would tell his group of friends of who got cutt from what top high school basketball team and, who was transferring to which highs school team. If you knew anything about Keith Williams, you knew that once summer broke and you rolled with him, it was all day basketball like a summer job.

Recently, an article was written about Keith Williams and his path to being a trainer to future basketball players.

A list of names that Williams has trained runs deep but here are few that you may know.

Steve Francis

Chamique Holdsclaw

Kevin Durant

Ty Lawson

John Wall

DeMarcus Cousins

Markelle Fultz

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