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Large Group fights at Flowers High School maybe gang related

Staff Writer

2019-03-05 .

Flowers High School is a top rated high school within Prince Georges County Maryland. Flowers has normal problems like any public or private high school across America. Recently, a group fights occurred which put many students in danger. Allegedly, the group fights happened in different parts of the school although the current school principle, who is Roland , release a different statement about the various events that occurred.

Email sent by Flowers High School current principle.

Dear Parents and students,

I am writing to inform you about recent incidents at Charles H. Flowers High School. During lunch on March 1, an altercation between two students subsequently turned into a group fight, which prompted two additional fights. The security team quickly took appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the all students and staff. No major injuries were reported.

Additionally, the school received threats on social media over the weekend. Prince George's County police are conducting an investigation and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken in both incidents as outlined in our Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook. The safety of our students is our top priority. Please help us to continue to maintain a safe environment at our school by discussing with your child acceptable behaviors that support a positive school climate, responsible use of social media, and ways to resolve conflict in a safe manner to avoid serious disciplinary actions and/or criminal charges.

We are talking with students to remind them to make sound decisions in school as well as to and from school. We are committed to providing a safe environment conducive to teaching and learning for our staff and students at Charles H. Flowers High School. If you have any information or questions regarding this incident, please contact the Prince George's County Police Department at 301-333-4000.


Ronald A. Miller Jr.

Acting Principal



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