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Jussie Smollett may walk due to Chicago PD unlawful past

Staff Writer

2019-02-24 .

photo from Mister Morris

Although many people feel Jussie Smollett messed up Black History month with his report of him being attacked by Maga supporters, Smollett will more then likely walk due to the Chicago Police department unlawful past. The Chicago Police are currently famous for the investigation of the Smollett's attack but , the CPD has been documented for having corruption within the department and displaying racism to the community which it suppose to protect and server. This history may influence jury selection and turn this trial into the modern day O.J. Simpson 2.0.

There are many people thinking the circus surrounding Smollett, Chicago law enforcement and the American born Nigerian brothers with no foreign accent has too many questions that have not been answered.

1. Smollett is standing strong with the story line that he has presented to the world and is now gaining support.

2. The two American-Nigerians are no where to be found and , the two are known alleged drug dealers. The money instrument given to them has not been presented to the public yet. The two also allegedly doubled as Smollett's personal trainer.

3. The Chicago Police department is famous for the cover up .

How was Smollett brought up on chargers?

This is simple . The law works this way.

1. The two brothers were brought before the grand jury.

2. All law enforcement has to do is prove that Smollett did something based on witness testimony.

3. While the brothers are testifying to the grand jury, the people that can asking questions are the grand jury members and the States Attorney rep.

4. This testimony is not faced with reasonable doubt in the grand jury voting. The reasonable doubt is only allowed in a jury trail.

5. The grand jury gave the ok to charge Jessie Smollett with a crime.

As you can see, there no physical facts presented to the public but only to the grand jury. The grand jury members are chosen by the State Attorneys office and their measurements of a good grand jury member.

The video below is a representation of conversations about Jessie Smollett and this court case.


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