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Allison Seymour and Marc Clarke new radio show vs Donnie Simpson

Staff Writer

2019-02-12 .

Allison Seymour is the wife of Marc Clarke and , she is a news broadcaster or personality for FOX 5 in Washington , DC. Clarke is a long time radio personality in various markets across the United States from St Louis, South Carolina, Baltimore , New York City and Washington DC. This DMV couple have teamed up with WHUR to host an after 3pm drive time radio show.

Everyone knows the couple will go up against DC radio legend Donnie Simpson. The two radio shows have similarities. For example, Simpson has name recognition with advertisers and people in the community. Clarke's name south of Baltimore may not be as well known but his wife name is. Seymour in her own right is a strong name that can compete against Simpson's brand in relationship to ad dollars and radio listeners. Seymour and Simpson both are connected to the local culture through politics, entertainment and networks. Clark's along with Simpson is connected to the music industry and other forms of entertainment.

Although Seymour and Clarke will probably hold their own in the ratings with proper support from WHUR, the couple has to avoid the traps that many high profile couples face while working together on a public platform. For example , the depth of their personal life that will leak out into the public through their new radio show.

Simpson has his wife appear on his show too but only once a week and for a short segment. After Simpson's wife takes part in the show, she heads back home to do her wifely duties while having limited response on the air.

If you are fan of Allison and Marc or Marc and Allison, you should tune in to the radio broadcast pn 96.3 whur to see how the couple presents themselves to the public.


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