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Tamar is Not on fleek Celebrity Big Brother.

Staff Writer

2019-01-26 .

If you have been keeping up with Celebrity Big Brother season 2, you may have noticed a lot of internet chatter about Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss. Tamar is best known as Talk show host, reality tv personality , a professional singer and at times drama or Tamar blasts. Kandi Burruss is known as a member of Xscape, reality tv , song writing and Kandi Koated nights.

Once the Celebrity Big Brother cameras went live, the house full of celebrities changed. This a statement from Ricky Williams. Williams is an ex NFL football player. Other cast members on the show supported Williamsí statement.

At times, people have viewed Tamarís method of communication and reasoning as crazy or cray cray. Others view Tamarís style of communication and reasoning as the part of her personality and see nothing wrong with her.

For example, she and Kandi Burruss were talking generally at first. The subject changed to Kandiís value as a celebrity. The two disagreed on the topic of discussion and reference points to support their side of the discussion. After Kandi exited the room, Tamar began to express herself Tamar style.

The were many statements made during Tamarís style of communication and points of insight.

Tamar pointed out that she has been viewed as crazy and, Kandi took the opportunity to attempt to get under Tamar's skin by bringing up various topics to get a reaction out of Tamar. Tamar pointed out that Kandi said she only knew Tamar through Tiny Cottle. Tiny Cottle is on the reality tv show Family Hustle. Although Kandi made this statement, Tamar said Kandi invited Tamar to her wedding and, you are now inviting Tinyís friend to your wedding. Tamar wanted various other house members to know about Kandiís attempt get Tamar upset by debating her. Tamar felt Kandiís attempt to make her look bad on TV and in the house. This attempt may have gotten Tamar voted off early if Tamar would have fallen for it.

The video below gives more information about the drama.


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