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Real Housewives of Atlanta(#RHOA)explains alleged R Keylly like lyrics

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The newest cast members of Real Housewives of Atlanta 2018-2019 are Ronnie and Sharmari DeVoe. This new power couple have come forward to use the Real Housewives platform to do a number of things. During the Breakfast Club interview, the New Edition slash BBD member and his wife Shamari talked about open relationships, the status of their current marriage and supporting other people marriages with various events that are to start down the road.

With all this new fame and the current R Kelly situation with chasing under age girls, various artist lyrics have been put under a microscope. For example, the lyrics for BBD song titled "Posion" goes as follows.

Backstage, underage, adolescent

How ya doin', fine, she replied

I sighed, I like to do the wild thing

Action took place

Ronnie explains in the interview that the lyrics were in reference to women and underage drinking from the age range of 18 to 21.