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Uber eats, Postmates, Door Dash, GrubHub and others are banned from delivering food to Public Schools

Staff Writer

2019-01-08 .

UberEats, Door Dash, Postmates, GrubHub are food delivery services. The services work with modern technology through a personal cell phone, tablet or internet devices such as a computer. When a customer uses one of the services from any where in the world to order and pay for the food, the delivery partners get an alert on their phone within a particular local area of the restaurant and the target delivery location.

This technology is being used as it should . The technology aids the restaurant or store to facilitate their business without the over head of a delivery driver, The customers of this service are normally at a place of business, home , or other. A problem has developing with delivery to other.

The teen customers are using the service to have their breakfast and lunch meet them at the public school. This has caused a problem for the public school system with no clear guided lines.

For example, any school system in America has to guarantee a certain level of safety for the attending students of the school along with the persons working at the school. Although the delivery drivers have background checks, the public schools in the United States has not developed a method for the service to be used on the various public school campuses across the country.

If the teacher uses the services, there is no problem. If student uses the services, the driver could face trespassing charges depending on the weather or which security team is there at the school upon the drivers arrival. Many drivers are not aware about this policy of the public school system which is food delivery to students is not allowed. The only time the information is passed to the driver is when delivery is attempted. The public schools have no warning signs posted to alert a driver.

With this illegal delivery of a legal business model, many public schools are setting up sting operations. One of the security team members order the food. The delivery driver picks up the food and then follows the instructions given. Once the driver arrives at the school, he or she is informed or harassed.


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