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Kyndall Douglas upgrades from Gizelle Bryant's man

Staff Writer

2018-12-15 .

picture of Gizelle Bryant

If you watch Real Housewives of Potomac, you know that Gizelle Bryant was seen with Sherman Douglas , who is an ex NBA player, on the show for two seasons. During a few episodes, the world found out that Bryant knew Sherman Douglas' ex wife aka baby mother prior to dating the NBA baller. This ex wife has a government name of Kyndall Douglas. Bryant referenced Kyndall as horse face during the airing of RHOP.

Many people thought Kyndall Douglas was just on the out and out. Kyndall allegedly shared a home with her mother along with the children that she had with Sherman Douglas. Kyndall is a sales person by trade and some my say a good one but , after the divorce from Sherman Douglas, Kyndall's lifestyle changed.

Although Kyndall had no man and less money , she seems to have upgraded to a shining knight name Eugene Profit. Profit appears to be very successful. Profit is a Yale graduate, ex NFL football player and CEO of an investment management company. Profit is not some flight by night person. Living a million dollar lifestyle is not new to Profit.

Profit started out as some poor kid with a single mom and lots of brother and sisters. The deep south knight was able to obtain success through his athleticism and hard work in the school books. The two developed skills got him into Yale. While at Yale, he continue to work hard. The hard work at Yale University allowed him to obtain an Economics degree and an NFL career. Profit has been documented in many magazines along being honored with awards .

The internet is still checking the receipts on Profit and is ready to update at anytime.

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