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Thirty girl accuses #RHOP cast member of sex in public

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Kyndall Douglas

Real Housewives of Potomac season 3 has been very entertaining. The cast has traveled to far away places, exposed various problems in each others life and shown a plot to bring headaches to one of the cast mates for revenge.

Kyndall "triple crown winner " Douglas aka horse face did an interview recently at allaboutthetea.com . Douglas goes over her life, her relationship with Gizelle Byrant , Charisse Jackson-Jordan allegedly piloting revenge on Gizelle Bryant, and alleged sex in a out in a vineyard by Bryant.

The article is so reckless that Kyndall made the following statements.

"She went from First lady of the church to having sex with her boyfriend out in the open at a wine vineyard."

"Robin is beyond confused and looking to a girlfriend to make decisions for her and define who she is"

"“Charisse has been plotting way before season 3 started shooting to get Gizelle back for what she said about her for having a fireman boyfriend.”

As you can see, Kyndall did not hold back and presented some information about various cast members of Real housewives of Potomac.