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Did Former President Barack Obama buy 2017 Howard Homecoming tickets to see Caylin Newton

Staff Writer

2017-09-10 .

Howard University is one of America's historic institution which was founded in 1867. The University has a rich academic history and has produced many scholars. Howard University is also famous for it's homecoming celebration like many American universities across the United States.

Howard has been able to obtain a top talented athlete to play football for the university which has lead them to be very competitive on the football field. Recently, Caylin Newton aka Baby Cam aka Baby Newton faced UNVL and Kent State with the other members of the Howard University football team.

During these battles , the Bison were able to beat UNLV and hold Kent State on the ropes but failed to defeat the Golden Flashes. With this outstanding performance by the Bison, Caylin Newton has become a rock star over night and has attracted much attention from across the country. Many are unaware about Newton's famed family member. The world famous Cam Newton is Caylin Newton older brother.

With all the fan fare, a rumor around the Washington , D.C. beltway is based on the Howard University 2017 home coming and, the attendance of the former United States President which is Barack Obama.

Unnamed sources have implied that the Obamas have purchased home coming tickets to the home coming game.

picture of Barack and Michelle Obama dancing


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