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Is Umar Johnson not strong enough to handle an intellectual beef: Roland Martin, Lauren Burke

Staff Writer

2017-07-16 .

Well, the best entertainment in the world is other people's drama. For example, if you have not heard, Dr. Umar Johnson was out doing his normal grand standing of information to his choir of folk. This particular time the fire rhetoric started on the world famous Breakfast Club Power 105 which is a New York based syndicated morning show.

Johnson is known for his African based school project. He has been trying to get this project off the ground for years and has made much progress considering his resources. Other areas of Dr Johnson's speeches are inter racial marriages. This topic of inter racial marriage is the reason for Johnson's appearance on News One Now.

Johnson and the Johnson loyalist are implying that Johnson was ambushed on the Roland Martin show titled ,"News One Now". Many saw Roland Martin during his job of news entertainment. Although Johnson has appeared on the show before, he had no tough questions asked. This time Martin played the reported roll along the sometimes quite Burke aka Lauren Burke.

First Martin asked a fair factual question about Dr Johnson educational background and gave Johnson a respectful amount of time to answer. The next question was about his relationship to Fredrick Douglas. Although the style of the question was like you said this but the Family of Frederick Douglas is saying that. Dr Johnson was able to clearly answer the two questions with facts.

Video of Johnson one on one with Roland Martin

The intellectual beef started once Dr Johnson lost composer to being called a liar. Roland had to remind people of the standards of his show. Roland has taking this stand in the past with others that have appeared as guest and panelist. Although Martin made an effort to calm Johnson, Johnson remand in "mandingo mode". During the one on one, Johnson was asked another question this time by Burke. Although Burke in the past has never taken a stand so strong, she figuratively pulled Johnson by his ear and demanded he answer the question about white liberals. With all this emotion, Johnson was even asked in a very professional manor about respecting black men that marry outside their race. Martin pointed out historical black men that did positive things for the African American community but married non black women. To throw salt in the wound of Johnson's anger, Martin pointed out Johnson's own relative aka Frederick Douglas marriage to a non black female. The nerve of Roland Martin to ask a question.

In conclusion, this interview was classic. Fist, Johnson can be firm but , he has to get better with control otherwise his buttons can be pushed. If you appear on the Roland Martin show aka News One Now, you must be prepared to be interviewed at any point in the show. An ambush can happen on any broadcast show that has to entertain an audience.

The outcome of the this interview has caused Lauren Burke to do damage control with her own interviews around the internet.


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