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Recap: Season 1 ESP 1: Invite Only Cabo :Internet talks about cast

Staff Writer

2017-05-15 .

Invite Only Cabo has a good pace for a new show. The show’s cast appears to have the right mix of drama and lifestyle. Emily appears to be a wild , no home training and an Australian female. Kamani is a single mom, bougie with no money and ready to get tingled. Bianca is a single mother , rich kid and over 40 groupie of Larry. Jermaine is a child hood friend of Larry. Jermaine may not have a job. Malaku is another person in the house and, he too is a friend of Larry from his boy band days. Malaku internet status appears to be a director and producer aka no job. Directors and producers are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. Agu met Larry at party and , they have been friends since that event. Agu wants a penis reduction. Agu is a model or something. Larry is the host of this future train wreck. Larry is a hair stylist.

Before we start with the recap, the internet has been labeling the men as gay or bi. The internet drugged Emily though the mud very badly due to her table manners. People have pointed out Kamani teeth and, Bianca being a low self-esteem person for chasing Larry. Bianca maybe some celebrity baby mother but , this gossip is still in the air.


Larry starts off by talking to Gerbille Union about the trip and the plan of the vacation. Larry has rented a big mansion and, the show is starting to appear to be an adult real world. Bianca shows up first and starts addressing Larry as bae. Jermaine appears and gives his story. Kamani shows up and Bianca gets concern about the affection towards Larry. Malaku shows up . Emily and Agu show up and, the shows starts to gain steam drama. Larry takes all the cast and tells them who is sharing with whom. The two guys have no problem with sharing but Emily had a problem with share with Mandingo King Agu. She knows . She will fall weak to his power tool, looks and muscles. Kamani wanted a room by herself but Larrys go hard or go home mindset put a stop to that dream.

After the room drama, the cast somehow fixed a meal together and the home training of each cast member is shown. Emily coughs, double dips and freaks out while fix her dish . The looks on the other cast mates face was too funny. Larry had no problem with Emily . He was used to the Emily lifestyle.

After the food, the cast moved to the pool. Larry and Bianca look as if they were having sex in the pool lap dance style. Everyone was in shock . At this point, King Mandingo Agu states he wants a penis reduction.

After finding out about the size of Agu’s penis, Emily must change rooms and forces Bianca out of her room into her old room. This caused a problem because Larry thinks Emily and Bianca would be a train wreck. Kamani is a little stuck up and, Emily is a wrecking ball.

The cast goes out to party. Kamani is best dressed and gets the King and his long dong to chase at the club. While Emily is doing Emily. Larry and Bianca dance and kiss yet Larry finds some new women to catch his eye while Bianca looks on like an upset swinger.

After the party, Bianca express her thoughts about Larry and his THOT quest. Agu plans his attack on Kamani tight village due to her penis teasing efforts. Emily is still doing Emily . The men are just taking it in. At dinner , Emily poor table manners become the topic of covno. Although Agu thinks he can train Emily in more ways then one, she fights him all the way. The two new roommates get into it at dinner. Emily and Kamani about Emily taking her nails off at the table and leaving them all over the restaurant. Emily gives everyone the finger. Agu at some point starts chasing Emily and forgets about Kamani tight village raid.


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