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The truth behind the beef between Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan #RHOP

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Every good reality TV show has to make the fan base choose sides. For example, while the fan base is on twitter, the internet, at work , instagram or the old fashion phone line, the fan base will pick the person that he or she likes the most. If there is some drama or shade thrown in the mix, the more intense the conversation can get. In this case, the players are Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan.

First, A catch up is needed to those people that love living under a rock or thinks that train wreck tv is not worth their time but eardrops as the fan base go back and forth with each other about the details of a show that just aired. The production company or editing of Real Housewives of Potomac presented Charrisse as allegedly stating or implying that Gizelle was sleeping or Thoting around the street with other women's men or friends of friends men. Charrisse named no names but left this thought or image out there.

Of course, Gizelle took offense to this. She has a family, a reputation, and pride. Gizelle puts Charrisse's business or alleged business in the street or national tv about some fireman extending his fire hose and, Charrisse being the fire hydrant that hardens his fire hose to complete power of explosion which causes wet azz to occur due to Charrisse high temper for desire. During all this alleged wet willie power driving, Charrisse is still married to Eddie Jordan.

During the show, Gizelle implied if you come for me . She will come for you harder and at any cost. She will get focused and cut you deep. The deep cut that was performed on Charrisse reputation could have f-ed up Charrisse money from Eddie if the two every divorced

In this drama, unnamed sources have pointed out two people that the show left out or could not bring to light. Allegedly, Gizelle was dating ex-NBA point guard and DC hometown hero Sherman Douglas. Well, Gizelle and Douglas ex-wife along with Charrisse are long time friends. The time of the fling or current fling is after the divorced of Douglas from his ex-wife. Sherman Douglas wx-wife was not available for comment at the time of this article.

People are wondering if Douglas's ex-wife driving under the influence charges has forced her to hide or Douglas's child support payment of 3,100 amount not being paid. With all this drama about to explode on national tv, this could drive anyone to drink too much and drive.