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Which DMV Emmy Award winning news anchor was out penis hunting

Staff Writer

2017-03-06 .

To those of you that don't like drama, please stop reading now. If you want a good laugh and, you are not the joke, please proceed.

In the DMV(DC,MD,VA), the Washington Post has reported that Autria Godfrey was arrested for public intoxication and trespassing. source If you read the story, you will notice that Godfrey was told to leave due to some type of physical pushing and verbal cussing. After leaving with a warning given by the police, Godfrey returned and started up once more.

Alot patrons describe the Clarendon Bar and Grill as a weekend meat market. Everyone knows liquor can turn the lust emotions into love emotions. Once the love emotions start to enter the mind, the logic of the mind goes out the door.

The internet even wrote a poem about Godfrey's great adventure.

The cougar missed her prey. So she threw a fit and ruined her day. The booze that flowed through her veins Accentuated her lustful pains enflaming her rage And as she continued to wander the streets with her pack pouring fuel on the fire looking for another to attack And as she stalked, her rage grew higher and higher Breaking her resolve not to return to the Grill to find the bro with whom she craved to be And upon her glorious return without fail Johnny Law came and took her to jail Trespassing and drunk in public they said Godfrey's ego now wishing she was dead Until the next broadcast.


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