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#SpiritCooking Queen talks about Tony Podesta ( #PizzaGate )

Staff Writer

2016-11-30 .

If you have not heard of Spirit Cooking, it is theme created by Marina Abramovic. Marina Abramovic is known as an performance artist or gory performances and occultist rituals. Abramovic really became famous after her name surfaced in wiki-leakes emails released by the government from Hillary Clinton's personal email server. The other person involved was Tony Podesta.

Podesta was high profile figure affiliated with the Clintons and, a person that has supported Abramovic art work over the years. After all the emails were read and analyzed by the internet world, a conspiracy theory was formed. The code name for the theory was called Pizzagate.

During a recent interview, Abramovic talks about Podesta and his brother.

ogbigmac asked:

How was your spirit cooking with the Podestas?

In 2013, I ran a Kickstarter campaign for MAI. One of the rewards was an invitation to a dinner at my house named Spirit Cooking Dinner. This has nothing to do with the work from the 90ís. It was just a regular dinner at my apartment which I wanted to call the Spirit Cooking. We ate watermelon gazpacho, potato salad, and baked dorade. Tony Podesta, who donated and collected my work since the 90s, attended, but his brother, who Iíve never met, did not make it.

Abramovic gave her definition of Spirit Cooking

anonymous asked: What is Spirit Cooking?

Spirit Cooking is a series of performances and a book I made in the 90ís based on aphrodisiac recipes meant to provoke the thought of action in what society considers a taboo. The performance took place in various museums around the world, where I painted these recipes on walls with pigs blood, the blood which most closely resembles human blood. This work is an artwork and part of my practice in exploring spirituality and the body. I also made a book of etchings of the recipes. Today, it is in the Museum of Modern Art collection.

Abramobiv did this interview on one her social media sites or alleged soical media sites to promote her new book .


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